Petros Varvounis

Mechanical Engineer, with an MSc in “Energy production & management” and significant experience in building electromechanical installations.

Evina Kanellopoulou

Mechanical Engineer, with a MSc in “Energy Production & Management”, specializing in renewable energy systems.

Our philosophy

Modern facilities need be more than just “working”.

Maximum efficiency

The correct equipment selection assures the optimum operation of our systems.

Minimum energy consumption

The correct systems design assures lower energy consumption.

Small initial cost

The initial investment should have a short payback time.

Long service life

The quality and correct installation of the equipment assure long lasting installations.

After sales support

ΕWe remain next to our customers to ensure correct operation of our systems also after delivery.


We assure good operation of our systems, offering operation and efficiency warranties on all our projects.

VK Mechanical Engineers

Το λογότυπο της VK Mechanical Engineers.-Μύκονος με πλάτος 200px.
why work with us

Know how-Experience

Know how-Experience

Our technical knowledge and experience ensure successful applications



We offer good operation and efficiency warranties on all our projects

Technical support

Technical support

With our local presence next to our customers, we monitor and ensure good operation of the facility.

Tailor-made solutions

Tailor-made solutions

We design tailor-made solutions, considering the needs of each application.

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