Heat pumps

Heating, air conditioning, cooling, hot water and pool water heating using energy from the environment. Replace conventional systems with one of the most efficient renewable technologies.

Solar thermal systems

Take advantage of the sun’s inexhaustible energy to produce hot water and heat.


Free electricity from the sun with stand-alone or network-connected systems (Net-metering).

Modern heating and cooling technologies

Modern heating and air-conditioning technologies for spaces with high comfort and aesthetic standards.

Sewage treatment - Biological cleaning

Modern heating and air conditioning technologies for spaces with high comfort and aesthetic standards.

Facilities energy upgrade

Interventions to existing facilities for greater comfort & economy.

Alternative fuels

Proven heating technologies

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"Turn key" systems installations

Description of offered services

Heat pumps

We perform the complete design, supply and installation of heat pump systems for heating, air conditioning and hot water production in all types of building applications. Each installation is designed from scratch, taking into account the individual characteristics and demands of each application, from the simplest to the more complex, and most of the time trying to trying to build on the existing facilities. We work with leading heat pump manufacturers (Daikin, Climaveneta, NIBE) to provide always equipment and services of guaranteed quality.

What is a heat pump?

The heat pump is a technology that transfers heat from the outdoor environment to the spaces or water to be heated, exploiting the thermodynamic properties of the refrigeration cycle.

Is the installation of a heat pump considered a good deal;

At an operating cost of -60% lower than a conventional oil boiler system, the damping time is around 4 to 5 years, which makes such an investment particularly attractive. In the cases of industrial or commercial applications, where the needs are higher, depreciation may be even shorter. In addition, the installation of heat pump systems is subsidized by most European and state programs for enterprises and individuals.

what are the advantages of a heat pump?

  • Cost effective operation (up to 60% lower operating cost than a conventional oil boiler).
  • Flexibility and ease of installation in new and existing facilities.
  • It can be combined with all space heating system types (radiators, Fan coil units, underfloor heating).
  • It does not involve any fuel management costs (fuel tanks, fuel orders, wood transportation, etc.) nor does it require space.
  • It has low maintenance costs as it operates without a burner.
  • It has a built-in automation and management system.
  • It adds value to any property,  as this technology becomes more and more known for its advantages, which are also reflected in the Energy Performance Certificates.
  • Makes it possible to heat and cool spaces and produce hot water with the same equipment
  • Its operation is safe, since it does not involve fuel combustion
  • It is considered a “green” technology since it produces low emissions.

 Where can a heat pump be used;

  • In new-built applications or renovations, while it is perfectly combined with underfloor heating systems, fan coils and radiators.
  • In existing facilities to replace the conventional oil or gas boiler.
  • In cases where a residence wants to be dispatched  from the central heating / air conditioning system.
  • For hot water heating in residential and business premises (sports centers, tourist accommodation, etc.)
  • For swimming pool water heating.

Solar thermal systems

We specialize in the installation of central solar systems, systems that require technical knowledge. It is very common to meet such installations with very expensive equipment but with serious design errors, resulting in inefficient operation or no operation at all. Each system is studied and designed from the beginning, based on the needs and specifics of each application. We offer a good performance warranty, providing our customers the certainty of a properly installed system that works efficiently, as agreed.

What is a solar thermal system?

Solar thermal systems absorb the heat of the sun through the solar panels and use it to produce hot water or space heating. Usually, on sunny summer days, solar energy is sufficient to meet ones needs, while in the winter months it covers part of the requirements by preheating the water and thus reducing the consumption of conventional energy (oil or electricity).

  Where can solar thermal systems be used?

  • In residential homes for domestic hot water, pool water and / or space heating.
  • In hotels and tourist accommodation for domestic hot water and pool water heating.
  • In sports facilities where the requirements for hot water are high.
  • In swimming pools for heating pool water.
  • In industrial applications whre there are need for hot water.

Are there any special requirements for their installation?

There should be a roof, terrace or ground surface, preferably oriented between the southeast and the southwest. The required total surface of the solar collectors depends on the thermal requirements of each application and it is very important to be chosen correctly for the optimal performance of the investment. In most cases it is necessary to install a storage tank, the size of which depends on the requirements of each case., that needs a suitable preferably indoor space .

 Why invest in solar thermal systems?

  • They replace conventional energy sources (oil, electricity) with the inexhaustible solar energy available for free!!
  • They reduce dependency on fluctuations in electricity or oil prices.
  • The pay-back time of the investment is small compared to their lifetime and decreases as their use increases, especially in professional applications.
  • They have been a proven technology for many decades and have an average life of 25-30 years. Practically this is a no-risk investment.
  • The value of real estate with solar thermal systems is higher.
  • Professional installations with solar thermal systems, apart from their economic benefits, they can be an add=on their profile .
  • Maintenance costs are small and as long as there is sun, thermal energy is always available.

Photovoltaic systems

We undertake the design, supply and installation of photovoltaic systems, either autonomous or network-connected, for electricity production. On all cases, we conduct a feasibility study in order to propose the optimal size, layout and equipment of the system based on its annual performance and financial benefits. Additionally, in the case of network-connected systems, we take over the whole contracting procedure with PPC and public services.

How do photovoltaic systems work;

The photovoltaic systems directly convert the free solar energy into electricity. With the help of suitable equipment and depending on the application, the produced  electricity can directly feed DC devices, be stored for future use in battery systems, be converted to AC power and fed into the PPC grid etc.

stand-alone photovoltaic systems (off-grid)

In autonomous systems the electricity produced by photovoltaics is stored in batteries for deferred use. These systems are usually not connected to the PPC network and are combined (hybrid systems) with other sources of energy such as gen-sets or wind turbines.

Autonomous photovoltaic systems are ideal in cases where connection to the grid is not possible (lack of building permit), when the connection cost is high (due to distance) or when there is a requirement for autonomy for basic loads (electronic equipment, etc.) in the event of a power outage .


Net-metering is basically a tool for the promotion of renewable energy sources and is applied in many countries. In net-metering systems, the electricity produced by photovoltaics is consumed by the producer himself (self-consumption), while it is also possible to “store” the produced green energy in the PPC’s network for its deferred use. Net-metering allows the consumer to cover a substantial part of his own power consumption, while he can also use the grid as a storage, avoiding thus the installation of batteries.

In practice, when the energy produced by the photovoltaic system is more than what the producers consumes, the system automatically “injects” the excess into the grid, while when the opposite happens, the system absorbs energy from the grid. Consumer billing / credit refers to the difference between energy consumed and energy produced on an annual basis.

Net-metering systems can be very profitable investments, especially if they are combined with heat pumps for space heating etc and generally in cases where electricity consumption is significant.

Modern heating & air conditioning systems

Our experience in conventional and alternative building applications, combined with our ongoing training in new technologies, enable us to propose and apply optimal techno-economic solutions, evolving our facilities along with the advances in heating and air-conditioning technologies.

What makes the difference?

We undertake the complete installation of underfloor heating system in all types of buildings and guarantee high levels of hygiene & comfort.

We apply the underfloor cooling properly, providing a pleasant environment also in the summer.

We install correctly designed air-conditioning systems for homes, shops, business premises, hotels, with quality guarantee from top supplier companies, as well as performance guarantee by us.

Sewage treatment – Biological cleaning

The problem of wastewater management, especially in areas where there is no sewerage network, is common in Greece. Biological cleaning is one of the most effective methods of sewage purification, as it is the artificial process we use to simulate the nature’s function when discharging wastewater. So we feed the system with sewage and at the outlet we have clean, clear water for many applications and uses.

Biological cleaning units can be installed to treat sewage from hotels and tourist facilities, individual houses and settlements, industrial and craft facilities, office buildings, restaurants and any commercial establishment.

Especially for common uses, such as residences, hotels, commercial buildings and building complexes, we install compact units that:

  • are simple in operation
  • have low operation costs
  • have low maintenance costs
  • are easy to transfer and easy to install above or underground
  • can operate all or part of the year

In addition, Biological Cleaning Units are an ecological solution that eliminates the need for continuous emptying of the sewage pits while also saving money, as the produced water (completely free of odors and microbial load) can be safely used for many uses. We can provide procurement, installation and start-up of the biological treatment units, as well as their supervision and maintenance.

Energy upgrade of facilities

In VK Mechanical Engineers we believe that the potential for saving energy and money by intervening and improving existing mechanical installations is very big, since:

  • Many of the existing facilities have been executed without proper design or based on the experience of a technician, resulting in significant mistakes and malfunctions
  • Contemporary needs cannot be covered by old systems. The evolution of technology and the emergence of new products provide many optimization and saving options.
  • Energy saving has not been a key goal in recent years.
  • Increasing fuel prices make upgrading of the facilities more profitable than ever

In VK Mechanical Engineers we will inform you about the possibilities of energy upgrade in your case and we can apply high quality solutions tailored to your requirements and needs.

Furthermore we guarantee for the results of the interventions we propose, while in all our projects we install measuring equipment so that anyone can see the decrease achieved in the energy consumption.

Conventional fuels


The use of LPG is common in business facilities (restaurants, tourist accommodation, etc.) where there is no natural gas network, as well as residential heating installations as an alternative to oil.

Depending on the required autonomy, it can be supplied in bottles or to tanks (above or underground).

The installation is absolutely safe, provided that the safety rules in the Technical Regulations are followed. At VK Mechanical Engineers we believe that safety is non-negotiable.

Depending on the storage system selected, there are cases where special permits are required. VK Mechanical Engineers take over the complete procedure to the licencing of the installation.

Solid fuels-biomass

By this term we usually mean wood, pellet, olive cores, corn, almond peel and related materials.

Biomass systems offer a significant reduction in operating costs: up to 45% compared to oil for pellet or 100% if fuel is available free of charge (eg pruning trees).

Their disadvantages are the difficulty in fuel management (transportation, storage, fueling), the increased particulate emissions and increased maintenance requirements due to solids deposits.

Natural gas

In case there is a natural gas network in your area, this fuel offers:

  • Economy up to 40% compared to oil.
  • Reduced emissions compared to all conventional fuels.
  • Ease of use and management: Available whenever you need it, it will be charged after it is used, no orders required.
  • No need for a fuel tank.

Please contact us and we completely execute the installation and connection process.

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Technical support

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