Building permits-Operation permits-EOT (greek tourism organisation) badges

Design of electromechanical systems

We design electrocmechanical installations for all kinds of building applications

Supervision - coordination of MEP construction works

We undertake supervision and/or coordination of electrocmechanical works and guarantee quality of construction

Energy audits - Energy efficiency certificates

We issue energy audits-certificates for all kind of buildings

Fire safety studies - certificates

We perform fire safety studies for all types of buildings.

Energy upgrade solutions

We design and propose energy upgrade interventions to all types of facilities.

Swimming pools

Design and licencing of swimming pools.

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Engineering services

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We conduct the design and supervision of any kind of electromechanical installation for the issuance of building permits and/or the construction of new buildings. We offer our continuous presence and controls at all construction stages as well as handling all the necessary procedures with the public services.

In addition, we issue installation and operating permits for:

  • professional laboratories (bakeries, garages etc)
  • commercial businesses
  • warehouses
  • industrial buildings
  • mechanical installations
  • swimming pools

Lastly, we fully undertake the process of issuance and / or renewal of the EOT badge (Greek National Tourism Organization), preparation of the complete dossier, fire safety certificates, environmental studies, technical reports, plans, certificates etc.

Design of electromechanical systems

Our office performs the design of electromechanical systems in residential applications, shops, tourist accommodation, professional laboratories, buildings of special use and many more. The design offered can cover all phases of a project, from a preliminary study, designs for the building or any other permit, a final and detailed design. Our proposed solutions are always based on the requirements of each application and the needs of the customer and come out of close cooperation with him. Furthermore, we perform techo-economical studies for customers to evaluate technical investments in regards to individuals or businesses.

Our main design areas include:

  • Water supply, irrigation networks, pump systems, water treatment plants
  • Sewerage networks and rainwater collection
  • Autonomous and central heating installations
  • Local and central systems for the production, storage and distribution of hot domestic water
  • Central air conditioning – ventilation facilities
  • Electrical installations, grounding & lightning protection systems
  • Telephone & data networks, CCTV, television etc
  • Natural gas networks
  • LPG applications
  • E/M equipment for special applications (garages, tank stations)
  • Automation and control equipment (“smart” buildings)
  • Electrical substations
  • Elevators study

We provide supervision of the construction of electromechanical installations, with continuous quality and progress checks, until the final delivery to the customer.

We also undertake the full management and organization of the construction project by ensuring quality and efficient construction and proper time and cost management. We thus relieve the customer from being engaged in the construction process, while at the same time we assume the responsibility of control and guide workshops and technicians.

Energy Audits – Energy Efficiency Certificates

Our office performs energy audits and issues Energy Efficiency Certificates, where necessary, in new and existing buildings of all sizes and uses.

What is an Energy Efficiency Certificate?

The Energy Efficiency Certificate is basically the document – identity of a building or part of a building (apartment). It accompanies the building for 10 years and contains all the necessary information for its energy “behavior”. Issuing an energy certificate is now mandatory for all buildings and apartments, with few exceptions, which are either rented or sold. The Certificate is issued by a certified engineer – the energy inspector – after an autopsy of the building and after performing the necessary study- calculations.

Fire safety studies – certificates

We perform fire safety studies for all types of building applications.

We carry out the necessary procedures for the issue of the fire safety certificate (fire service, prefecture, etc.).

We undertake the manufacture and supply of fire-fighting equipment and installations, we guarantee proper construction according to the regulations and with respect to the aesthetics and the requirements of each facility.

“Save at Home” (Eksikonomo kat Oekon) is a Greece/EU co-financed program that provides financial incentives to Greek citizens to improve the energy efficiency of their house constructions, increasing their residual value while saving money and energy sources.

Swimming tanks (pools)

We undertake the E/M installations design of all types and sizes of swimming pools, as well as the construction and supply of the electromechanical equipment (piping, pumps, filters, electrical equipment, etc.).

We also carry out the complete procedure for the issue or renewal of a swimming pool license in a tourist accommodation or other business premises.

VK Mechanical Engineers

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why work with us

Know how-Experience

Know how-Experience

Our technical knowledge and experience ensure successful applications



We offer performance and efficiency warranties on all our projects

Technical support

Technical support

With our local presence next to our customers, we monitor and ensure good operation of the facility.

Tailor-made solutions

Tailor-made solutions

We design tailor-made solutions, considering the needs of each application.

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